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Posted by: Kristine 2 years ago

I’m wrapping up editing and will start on illustration in the next couple weeks. I thought I would share with you the title of my children’s book and a little text as well. This process so far as been both fun and challenging for me, and I really hope you enjoy it. Please, let me know what you think!


We hop in the car and we go to the park

To see all his friends; they jump, and they bark.

He chases the squirrels, it’s really quite funny

And naps in the grass when it’s warm out and sunny.

He chews up his bones so there’s nothing to hide

When I take him for walks, he stays right by my side.

He likes to get treats; he eats them so fast

We have lots of races and I’m always last.

He listens so well; tilts his head to one side

I can tell that he loves me, it can’t be denied. Good boy, Nacho.

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